In praise of cooperative editors.

(I shouldn’t mention any names.)

Just a brief note to post that I have been very blessed of late to encounter some truly great editors, who are awesome because of their desire to work with, not against, aspiring authors. In a field that could charitably be described as a cutthroat snake’s pit, (on a good day) it’s easy to get discouraged. I’m happy (and relieved) to know there are still editors who want to provide more encouragement than discouragement, especially when we pesky writers can all too easily succumb to the self-esteem (and motivation) ravages of a world with fewer and fewer opportunities for and increasing barriers to our hard work. (In other words, even talented, ambitious writers can become whiny, nail-shredding crazypants from time to time, and working with us is as difficult for editors as they can seem to the writers editors facilitate.)

A supportive editor is worth his or her weight in gold.


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