Every Writers Resource: more publication news!

Because I am thankful for every editor who reads my work and every new audience member that publication brings, I wanted to give a quick hat tip to the good people of Every Writers Resource, who have kindly posted my flash fic piece, “No Exit,” on their site. It’s a little different from my scary fiction fare, and actually isn’t horror at all, unless you consider ruminations on economic constraint horrifying.

Thanks again, EWR!


The First Line and Cheapjack Pulp: publication news!

For those who keep track, the lovely folks at The First Line are going to publish an essay of mine in their summer issue. It is a critique of the opening sentence from Cormac McCarthy’s All the Pretty Horses, of which I am very fond. (This has nothing to do with my scary fiction offerings; literary criticism used to be a passion of mine, and it’s nice to be getting this one an audience.) Be on the lookout at The First Line‘s website for ways to buy the magazine.

Cheapjack Pulp, another great and fun publication, is taking my story, “Tangling With Janus,” for their March issue. I think that one may be available via Amazon.com as well as CP‘s official site.

Thanks for reading!