Day 26: “Opening the Crypt”

It had been Dr. Foltrig’s idea to go first. No one knew what was beyond the gate, and he always insisted on being the leader of any team he ran.

The spider webs plastered their foreheads like cheesecloth. The rats and other small, skittering things ran for their shadowed corners.

They expected to find centuries of dust. A long unwalked path. Nothing but the sealed remains of this heretofore undisturbed enclave.

The last thing they expected was the hum of a voice, distant and human. Nor a strange desire to drift onward, Foltrig at the helm.

No one noticed the boulders roll in front of the entrance way, even as the shaft of light illuminating their way narrowed and disappeared.

They were going to be sealed in with her for all eternity.


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