Day 20: “Scales”

Faith had thought she could sit on the strange rock all winter long. For the most part, this was true. She came home every day to play in the cave they’d found deep in their parents’ large garden, its entrance once obscured by the leaves they’d brushed away. The scaly rock was always there, solid and curiously warm against the back wall of the cavern.

Then one day in February, when the snow outside was up higher than their heads, they had cuddled in the cave for comfort, and Ernie noticed a strange thing about Faith’s rock.

“It has…feet,” Ernie told her. “You can barely see them, they’re mostly curled under, but those are definitely feet, with claws. And this—roughness—I think it’s some sort of hide.”

“It’s a dragon,” Faith said, gulping. “We didn’t notice because they hibernate.”

“Uh oh,” said Ernie as the scaly mass began to move.

“You’re telling me,” said Faith miserably.


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