Fiction suggestions for the early fall days.

It’s raining here.

While this is not a new phenomenon in Oregon Land, (I can hear you chuckling) it definitely puts me personally in the mood to do more light reading than heavy stuff. So here are some suggestions for scary/horror books that are entertaining and enlightening and (probably) won’t tax your brain power too severely.

1. We Have Always Lived in the Castle, by Shirley Jackson. An adorable and gently spooky novel about a family who could charitably be described as…different. Two sisters, one cat–spooky hijinx that ensued and, er, consumed their relatives. Really great read, and may change your perspective on Jackson’s range and depth as an author.

2. Tree of Hands, by Ruth Rendell. This one is a great mystery, not a traditional horror novel, but is creepily engaging never the less. A note about content–this isn’t the book for those with ‘mother troubles,’ or issues related to the care of senior relatives.

3. Rose Madder, by Stephen King. I just finished this a couple of months back. I find it to be one of Stephen King’s best, and curiously heard it described by the author as one of his least frequently read novels. I can heartily recommend it for its strong female protagonist and shocker of an ending.

Stay warm. It’s getting cold out there.


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