The Manor House and more…

Just a quick note to pay tribute to one of my favorite horror websites, The Manor House. They’re great. A terrific repository of audio tales, for those of us who were first introduced to horror via our mother’s old record collection—readings of Edgar Allan Poe’s stories, if you must know.

Everything at The Manor House is spooky and enjoyable. The stories I’ve listened to hover nicely in the PG-13 through R level of scary, so I doubt you’ll stumble into anything too extreme there.

And look!  The Manor House is having a contest this fall, too. I sent in a submission to the site a while ago, but I guess there’s no reason I can’t submit to this other thing as well. I know a few of you out there might want a heads up, so there you go.

Long live The Manor House!

Edited to add: Updates may be a bit patchy as I head toward October season. I’m writing hard to try to produce thirty full short horror pieces for that month, with Halloween itself reserved for the winner of our contest.  But I don’t want the blog to sit fallow, so I’ll definitely be around. Stay tuned.


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