You might be a horror writer if…

1. Run down buildings, decaying houses or abandoned properties make you think, “That’d be a great place to set my next story!”

2. Strange people on the street talking to themselves, looking really freaked out, or screaming make you go digging for a notebook to make character sketches in.

3. You’re constantly asking people why they liked a scary book or movie, as in, “No, seriously, what was the scariest part and why? Just a sec, I need my scratch pad…”

4. You pick up most classic horror or sci-fi anthologies and have pretty much read every single last thing in them.

5. Your favorite color is deep purple. Because it’s on the covers of half the books you own.

6. Your favorite holiday is Halloween. What, you mean there are others?

7. You’re not (really) afraid of the dark. You’re not, truly, because what horror fiction writer would actually admit to…uh, hey, is that lamp broken? Then could you turn it back on please?

8. Most modern horror films make you yawn. You see the clichéd plot “twists” coming a mile away, not to mention the plot holes.

9. You looked up Stephen King’s birthday once. What? Just a fan, I swear.

10. You once read all of Richard Matheson’s Hell House before bed, and it didn’t even keep you awake. Yeah, yeah, it gives most people nightmares for life. Pttffh. Amateurs.


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