Do you think they know me?

Yes, I know, more than a few online advertising services have Ways of Making Us Read. They’ve gotten so good (and stealthy) at data-mining all our digital property, I’m never surprised when the crap that shows up in my inbox is actually tailor-made to my activities of late, even the ones I’ve kept out of my internet searches.

So I shouldn’t have been surprised when the airline discount program I signed up for not too long ago just sent me a list of the ‘three most haunted’ cities in America. They claim these are San Francisco, Boston and Charleston, by the way. (I’m not so sure.)

The part that feels most curious is that I have been thinking (offline) of doing some kind of review of haunted house tours I have taken recently…as soon as I work up the nerve to start touring haunted houses again. Could be a bit before that happens.

Also, if I were going to travel to do this, I think the best picks for ‘most haunted’ cities in the U.S. are obviously Philadelphia, New Orleans, and good ole Sleepy Hollow. Everywhere else would kinda be like shooting fish in a barrel.


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