Grey Harlowe Sampler: Two Sentence Stories.

A while back, I found a fun website called Two Sentence Stories, where users can submit their best short fiction, keeping their pieces just two sentences long. Here are some of my submissions.


I wish my boyfriend wouldn’t put me up on a pedestal so often. Especially when he leaves me chained there alone while he works all day.


“Mona Lisa”

I’ve been told millions of times that my smile is beautiful, but a little forced. Your smile would be forced too if you’d been stuck in a painting for five hundred years listening to people critique you.


“Best Friends Forever”

I tell everyone he died in the ocean after our plane crashed, and that I survived for two months on the island by hunting ‘sea birds and other small game.’ He really died about a month after we both swam to shore, and I hit him over the head with that rock so I could live off his remains until they found me.


“White Lies”

He told me I would only have to sleep in the box at nighttime. But it’s always nighttime now.


“Lies Joss Whedon Told Me”

Did you know that refusing to drink the blood of a vampire doesn’t necessarily protect you from becoming one yourself?

I didn’t.



She told me if I did it, the effects would wear off in twenty four hours. It’s been four days, and I’m pretty certain I’m not getting my body back; I wonder what she’s doing with it?


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