Uh, okay…typo, I guess?

Every once in a while, I try something different with my little pen name here. I do something that isn’t strictly horror related. Typically, I will sign my work Grey Harlowe if there’s even the slightest chance it could wind up on the Internets…I’m shy.

So, last year, one of these ‘side projects’ was one of several submissions I sent to a contest called 55 Fiction…some of you may have heard of it. (Each fiction entry must be exactly fifty-five words.) Anyway, I won! Only the name they put with my submission was ‘Greg Harlowe.’ I just found out. I’m going to try to get them to give me proper attribution.

Here is the entry, for those curious:

“The First Time”

They went to the beach to embark on her maiden voyage.  It was almost dainty, rustling on the narrow blanket, delicately avoiding the sand.  Afterwards, he swam; she explored his wallet.  Found the photos of the wife, children, the ring squashed by the credit cards.  Would they ask how he got sand in his hair?


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