Since we’ve gotten those lists out of the way, who IS Grey Harlowe?

In short, I’m a writer of scary, weird, sometimes suspenseful fiction who lives in the Pacific Northwest. (Every once in a while, I’ll go sci-fi, but it’s a rare day that happens, and even rarer that it goes all that well.) I’m not famous, but I boast a modest publication history I’m satisfied with for now. I haven’t figured out how to makes links in these posts yet. (Yes, I know that’s sad, but WordPress is an entirely foreign environment for me at this stage.) If you’re curious about my published writing, Google instead.

My desire to write horror goes back many years, but I didn’t generate the courage to start pulling some together and putting it out there until 2014. (I’m shy.) I have been a huge fan of everything spooktacular since I was a kid, and have had fun writing since childhood. Finally, I realized I should combine these interests and then, presto. Grey Harlowe, Horror Writer.

(Okay, it was more complicated than that. I majored in English. I wrote on my own in solitude for a decade and a half. I published very little. I wrote some more. I finally piqued the interest of a few editors and now I struggle every day to pique more. I’ve written one novel. I aspire to write more. It’s brutal out there. I’m grateful to anyone who reads anything of mine.)

My philosophy of horror writing is basically thus: be original. I can’t reinvent the wheel, but I can try to be as different as I usually want to be. That has led me to some…interesting places. Other tenants I adhere to include: use as many non-traditional characters, settings and scenarios as possible, (I’m tired of seeing certain clichés repeated over and over in popular and even niche markets, the vampire romance one being the most nauseating for me) forget about being ‘nice,’ and go crazy with structure every now and again. One story I wrote recently is formatted as a sort of university lecture on the perils of being a zombie.  That’s a time I threw caution to the wind as far as format goes, and it was terrifically enjoyable.

Have I ever seen a ghost? Interviewed a vampire? Experienced paranormal phenomena? No, no and yes, respectively. (Remember, I said I wanted to keep this blog light on personal details.) I’m no skeptic, nor athiest, nor even agnostic. There’s a lot of genuine horror in our world. My fiction, believe it or not, is supposed to be my break from that.

ETA:  yes, that’s my original “artwork” you see as the banner. As are all images I will (probably) put up here. I’m not comfortable with copyrighted images not my own popping up on my site, so, for now, I’ll be the source for all the graphics (like I mentioned earlier, there won’t be many.)


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