Some thoughts about content (this used to be easier.)

Maybe it’s the limits of my current technology situation, (old Mac, old operating system, not ready to update yet) but I find the world of blogging very challenging at the moment. I aspire to post daily, but updates may be sporadic at first.

This blog will primarily be about my life as a writer of scary fiction and my love of the horror genre. I’ll probably spend more time talking about horror generally, though, as both art (Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein) and entertainment (The Amityville HorrorThe X-Files).

What this blog will not be focused on, at all, is “issues.” I really don’t want to engage in political deabte, analysis or critique of social problems, personal struggles or trauma, or any unholy mixture of any of the above.  And I’m the only voice I want to see in these entries. I don’t feel up to managing or moderating comments.  I haven’t figured out how to turn off the comment function yet; for now, please don’t leave any.

A word about style—I really want this place to be more fun than frightening. Sometimes the horror genre can be, frankly, horrifying.  Other times, it can be spooky, thought-provoking, or insightful, and that’s more “me.” Think Tim Burton, not Wes Craven. If you’re one of those types who thinks that horror should always be terrifying, or that it’s only enjoyable if it involves extreme violence, this is not the website for you.

A final note:  this isn’t an English class, nor is it Film Appreciation 303. I like criticism as much as the next ex-literature major, but college was a long time ago.  I doubt anyone would come here searching for that, but don’t expect Shakespeare or Fellini. (Unless I’m in the mood.)

I’ll try to get some images up here soon, as well as a bio, fiction links, perhaps a Twitter tie-in.  We’ll see.

Happy Hauntings.


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